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As of Monday, June 15th the office will be open to the public. In order to practice social distancing, only two customers will be allowed in the public area of the office at a time and masks will be required.

Office hours are 8am to 4pm

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist local assessment administrators in their quest to prepare fair and equitable assessment rolls.  We serve the public by making our resources regarding information on assessments and exemptions available.  We will provide contact information for all related agencies.

There has been a lot of attention lately regarding the latest changes to the STAR program. Since 2016 the State of NY has implemented the goal of switching the STAR benefit from an exemption (discount on your school tax bill) to a STAR Credit check issued by NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance.

Here are the top 9 things you need to know about the 2019 STAR changes:

  1. The very 1st, and most important piece of information that you need to know, is that for MOST people, switching to the STAR Credit check is OPTIONAL. IT IS NOT MANDATORY. IT IS YOUR DECISION.   If you decide to do nothing, you will not lose your STAR exemption.
  2. If your 2017 income was over $250,000, but less than $500,000, then NYS will automatically switch you from the STAR exemption program into the STAR Credit check program. You do not need to contact the assessor’s office. NYS will notify you in writing if this occurs.
  3. If you decide that you want to switch to the rebate check, this decision is IRREVOCABLE and you CANNOT ever switch back to the exemption.
  4. If you decide to switch, your school tax bill will no longer have a STAR exemption. Your school tax bill will be for the full amount. The STAR Credit check is intended to arrive in your mailbox some time during the month your school tax bill is mailed, however this is not guaranteed.
  5. For those property owners who choose to switch, we recommend you contact your mortgage escrow servicer as the school tax bill will be higher than they anticipated. This could have an unanticipated impact on your monthly mortgage payment.
  6. STAR exemptions, beginning in 2019, can never exceed the previous year’s dollar savings.
  7. STAR Credit checks, beginning in 2019, can exceed the previous year’s Credit check by a maximum of 2% (capped).
  8. You do NOT need to contact the assessor’s office in order to make the switch. This is now handled by NYS Department of Taxation & Finance.
  9. The deadline to switch is June 17th of every year (always 2 weeks prior to July 1st). If you make the switch after that date, it will not be effective until the following year unless you complete a STAR Renunciation form RP-496 prior to the billing of the School Taxes.

You can make the switch online or by telephone:

NYS Dept of Taxation & Finance Website:

NYS Dept of Taxation & Finance Phone: (518) 457-2036


Grievance Days for Clinton County


Altona * Tuesday, June 1, 2021        4pm - 8pm
Ausable  Tuesday, May 25, 2021        4:30pm - 8:30pm
Beekmantown Tuesday, May 25, 2021        4pm - 8pm
Black Brook Tuesday, May 25, 2021        4pm - 8pm
Champlain * Thursday, May 27, 2021       4pm - 8pm
Chazy * Wednesday, May 26, 2021   4pm - 8pm
Clinton * Tuesday, June 1, 2021        4pm - 8pm
Dannemora * Thursday, May 27, 2021       4pm - 8pm
Ellenburg Tuesday, May 25, 2021        5pm - 9pm
Mooers * Tuesday, June 1, 2021        4pm - 8pm
Peru Tuesday, May 25, 2021        4pm - 8pm
Town of Plattsburgh Tuesday, May 25, 2021         4pm - 8pm
City of Plattsburgh Tuesday, May 25, 2021         4pm - 8pm
Saranac Tuesday, May 25, 2021         5pm - 9pm
Schuyler Falls Tuesday, May 25, 2021         4pm - 8pm

* Date Changed Per Local Law

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