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Albert H. Rascoe, P.E.

Deputy Highway Superintendent
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William Sweet
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Traffic Supervisor
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736 Route 3, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone:  (518) 565-4040 Fax:  (518) 563-8068

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Part and Inventory
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OBJECTIVE:  To reduce the levels of maintenance effort required by County work crews through a spirit of cooperation and community involvement with the shared goal of highway beautification.  The following is a list of organizations or groups that are currently enrolled in the program:

The Ashline Family of Gilbert Road
Champlain Home for Children
Fountain Brothers American Legion Post 1619
Hawkeye Conservationists, Inc.
Clinton Community College Student Senate and Clubs
SUNY Plattsburgh Earth and Environmental Science Club
Plattsburgh Church of the Nazarene

The sponsoring groups and organizations receive safety training and equipment from department staff and perform the valuable service of litter and trash collection from various roadsides on a semi-annual or annual basis.


An "Adopt-A-Highway" group must follow these steps:


  1. The group representative must sign the Adopt-A-Highway Agreement and fill out a highway work permit.
  2. Each member must sign and date the Adopt-A-Highway General Release.  Children under the age of 18 years must obtain the signature of a parent or legal guardian.  No one under the age of 12 years of age may participate in Adopt-A-Highway activities.
  3. The group "Adopt-A-Highway Data Sheet" must be filled out.


  1. Once the "paper work" is completed, a representative of the Clinton County Highway Department will meet with the group leader or designated representative to discuss the type of work to be done and any other matters relating to safety on the County roads.
  2. The County will install an appropriate sign(s) at the work site.


  1. The group representative should contact the “Clinton County Highway Department contact person” prior to their actual workdays for last minute instructions and clarification.  The contact person will approve a satisfactory parking area if one is available or determine how participants will be dropped off at the site.
  2. Upon arrival, the County representative (if it is the group's first activity) or the group's safety designee, must go over the safety checklist and ensure that all participants understand the safety requirements.  All participants must have Department approved orange safety gear.  Currently that gear consists of an orange shirt or vest and an orange hard hat.  Heavy shoes, gloves and safety glasses are recommended.
  3. All participants may be asked to sign a safety signature sheet at this time.
  4. The group will then take a reasonable amount of time to accomplish their tasks.  Should the operation cause unusual or unexpected outcomes, such as too much local noise, motorist or other complaints, these must be reported to the group leader and resolved to the satisfaction of the Clinton County Highway Superintendent.  Horseplay or any other behavior that the Clinton County Highway Superintendent or other department official deems not to be safe or in the interest of safety on the job will not be tolerated and may result in summary termination of the agreement.


  1. At the conclusion of the work, materials collected will be placed at a previously determined and approved location on the right-of-way to be picked up by the Clinton County Highway Department. Safety equipment should be returned as appropriate within one week of the activity.  Within two weeks of the clean up day, the group should provide the Clinton County Highway Superintendent with a short description of the work accomplished, the number of workers that participated, and the signed safety signature sheet.

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