Clinton County Board of Elections

Our office hours have changed to 8:00 AM UNTIL 4:00 PM daily.
The Clinton County Board of Elections is a bi-partisan representative of the two major political parties.The Board is responsible for upholding the State Election Law and administering the elections in Clinton County. We are entrusted to insure that all qualified voters have the opportunity to exercise his/her right to vote, as well as to protect the integrity of the entire election process.

Upcoming Election Information:

Unofficial City of Plattsburgh Mayor Primary Election Results

Unofficial Presidential Primary Election Results

Presidential Primary Sample Ballot

Mayoral Democratic Primary Sample Ballot

New York Accessible Electronic Absentee Ballot Application

ATTENTION CLINTON COUNTY VOTERS BY EXECUTIVE ORDER, THE APRIL 28TH PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY HAS BEEN MOVED TO JUNE 23RD. Due to the Governor’s Executive Order, ALL Democrats will be mailed a Postage Paid Absentee Ballot Application for the 2020 Presidential Primary and all Democrats in the City of Plattsburgh will be mailed a Postage Paid Absentee Ballot Application for the Mayor’s Primary. The Absentee Ballot Application may be sent back by email, mail or fax. If mailing, after filling out your application, please fold it so that the Clinton County Board of Elections address is on the outside and tape it closed. Click here to see a sample application. There will also be poll sites in every town if one prefers to vote in person.

Mary R. Dyer, Commissioner                Gregory B. Campbell, Commissioner


The Clinton County Board of Elections will have a Ballot Marking Device available at our office, located in the Government Center, at 137 Margaret St., Suite 104, for use by handicap voters only, who might wish to vote their June 23rd absentee ballot on our machine rather than mailing in their ballot. Our office hours are 9:00am until 5:00pm Monday thru Friday.

2020 Contribution Limits for Candidates

Official General Election 2019 Results

Registered Voter Information

If you move within Clinton County, change your name, or your party affiliation, you must fill out a Voter Registration Form.

You can check your Voter Registration Status anytime.

VOTER IDENTIFICATION New Federal and State laws require voters who appear to vote in an election district for the first time to provide election officials with proof of identification.