Highway Superintendent

Albert H. Rascoe, P.E.

Deputy Highway Superintendent
Karl T. Weiss P.E. 565-4040 Karl.Weiss@clintoncountygov.com

Engineering Support Staff
David Langlois 565-4045 Dave.Langlois@clintoncountygov.com
William Sweet
565-4047 Jim.Sweet@clintoncountygov.com

Traffic Supervisor
Alan Miller 565-4049 Alan.Miller@clintoncountygov.com

736 Route 3, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone:  (518) 565-4040 Fax:  (518) 563-8068

Lisa Garrand 565-4041 Lisa.Garrand@clintoncountygov.com
Katie Jubert 565-4042 Katie.Jubert@clintoncountygov.com

Sheri Pavone 565-4043 Sheri.Pavone@clintoncountygov.com
Lori Evangelisto 565-4044 Lori.Evangelisto@clintoncountygov.com

Part and Inventory
Jodie Bushey - 565-4051 Jodie.Bushey@clintoncountygov.com




Maintaining the vehicle fleet is a key element of our ability to carry out the various daily department operations and in preparation for possible emergency response situations.  The Department has a well-developed maintenance program. 

Equipment repair and maintenance are accomplished by the in-house mechanic staff.  With a full-time mechanic supervisor and two (2) full-time mechanics, 95% of all equipment and maintenance functions are completed in-house.  A central inventory has been established, managed by an inventory clerk, where frequently utilized parts and supplies are maintained in our bench stock.

A key element of the Department’s maintenance program is preventative maintenance (PM).  An automated fuel dispensing system forms the basis of computerized reports that establishes PM frequencies and alerts staff when various pieces of equipment are due for PM.  Each employee is issued a fuel dispensing computer key.  Each vehicle is further assigned a separate computer coded key.  The simultaneous use of an employee key and a vehicle key allows fuel to be issued and tracked for each vehicle.  In conjunction with the two-key system, the operator must enter the vehicle mileage or hours each time the vehicle is fueled.  The computer contains data which has set a PM frequency in mileage or hours for each piece of equipment.  Each time the PM interval is reached, the computer automatically identifies the vehicles requiring PM. The mechanic supervisor then schedules the required maintenance work.  All vehicle maintenance and repair activities are conducted by a work order.  The completed work order information is then entered into a vehicle history file.  This information allows the evaluation of expenditures for each piece of equipment and forms the basis for making decisions on vehicle replacement frequencies.  The program ensures the Department achieves the most economical service life for each piece of equipment, ultimately achieving the most economical and efficient use of taxpayers dollars. 

In addition to maintaining the Highway Department’s fleet, the mechanics are responsible for maintenance and repair of vehicles in several other County departments which includes Sheriff, Buildings and Grounds, Emergency Services and the Nursing Home.