Continuous Recruitment Civil Service Exams

CONTINUOUS RECRUITMENT EXAMS are examinations for which we accept applications anytime, as there is no closing date to file.  Clinton County no longer requires examination fees for examinations.  The scores for these examinations, regardless of exam date, are interfiled with existing candidates’ scores to form a constantly changing eligible list.  Salaries for these positions are dependent upon the location. Click Here for Part-time experience calculation chart to determine full-time equivalency.





The examinations labeled T&E below are Training and Experience Examinations.  These examinations are based on your application (experience listed) and documentation (training provided). 


Title Exam #
Account Clerk and Account Clerk/Typist (CR) (167.48 KB) 80-237
Advanced EMT-Driver (T&E) (498.79 KB) 80-528
Caseworker (CR) (166.18 KB) 80-829

A candidate is permitted to take a Caseworker exam prepared by the NYS Department of Civil Service only once during each of the following defined periods: January 1 – June 30 OR July 1 – December 31

Clerk-Typist Series (CR) (166.68 KB) 80-380
EMT-Driver (T&E) (497.97 KB) 80-529
Librarian I (T&E) (470.16 KB) 69-126
Librarian II (T&E) (471.43 KB) 69-161
Occupational Therapist (T&E) (493.31 KB) 80-928
Occupational Therapist Assistant (T&E) (492.9 KB) 80-937
Physical Therapist (T&E) (493.17 KB) 80-878
Physical Therapist Assistant (T&E) (495.96 KB) 80-858
Public Health Nurse (T&E) (524.08 KB) 80-410
Public Health Nurse II (Prom-Health Department) - (T&E) (531.51 KB) 80-415
Supervising Advanced EMT-Driver (T&E) (501.75 KB) 80-530
Supervising Public Health Nurse (Prom-Health Department) - (T&E) (508.03 KB) 80-427
Supervising Public Health Nurse (OC) (T&E) (524.4 KB) 80-426