Standing Legislative Committees

There are ten standing committees and additional subcommittees which meet. The Chairperson of the Legislature appoints the members and chairperson of each of the standing committees. Resolutions, local laws, reports and recommendations passed by a Committee are forwarded to the Full Legislature for consideration. The public is welcome to attend both Regular Sessions and Standing Committee meetings. 

Legislators Departments
Francis J. Peryea, Chairperson  Buildings and Grounds 
Simon Conroy  
Rob Timmons   
Legislators Departments
Richard Potiker, Chairperson Employment and Training
Mark Dame Social Services
Robert Hall Youth Bureau
Christopher Rosenquest
Patty Waldron
Legislators Departments
Christopher Rosenquest, Chairperson Board of Elections
Calvin Castine County Administrator
Francis Peryea County Attorney
Richard Potiker County Clerk
Patty Waldron Historian
  Information Technology
  Real Property
  Weights and Measures
Legislators Departments
Rob Timmons, Chairperson Budget
Calvin Castine
Simon Conroy
Budget Officer
Mark Dame County Auditors
Robert Hall County Treasurer
Mark Henry Insurance
Francis Peryea Landfill/Recycling Facility
Richard Potiker Purchasing
Christopher Rosenquest Taxation
Patty Waldron  
Legislators Departments
Patty Waldron, Chairperson Board of Health
Simon Conroy Health Department
Mark Dame Mental Health
Christopher Rosenquest  
Legislators Departments
Simon Conroy, Chairperson Office for the Aging
Calvin Castine Nursing Home
Mark Dame Veterans
Francis Peryea  


Legislators Departments
Mark Henry, Chairperson Backfills
Calvin Castine Labor Relations
Robert Hall Personnel
Christopher Rosenquest Reallocations
Rob Timmons Reclassifications


Legislators Departments
Robert Hall, Chairperson Airport
Francis Peryea  
Richard Potiker  
Rob Timmons  
Patty Waldron  


Legislators Departments
Calvin Castine, Chairperson Assigned Counsel
Mark Dame Coroner
Robert Hall District Attorney
Richard Potiker E911
Rob Timmons Judiciary
  Jury Board
  Sheriff and Jail
Legislators Departments
Mark Dame, Chairperson C.C.P.T.
Simon Conroy Highway
Richard Potiker  
Rob Timmons  
Board of Health Mark Dame
Chamber of Commerce Christopher Rosenquest
Clinton Community College Christopher Rosenquest
Community Services Board Simon Conroy
Cooperative Extension Rob Timmons
Discipline Review Mark Henry, Robert Hall
Grievance Calvin Castine, Mark Henry, Francis Peryea
InterCounty Patty Waldron
Jury Board Mark Dame
LC/LG Regional Planning Board Patty Waldron
Soil and Water Francis Peryea, Rob Timmons
Supreme Court Library Robert Hall
Workforce Investment Board Christopher Rosenquest