A current eligible list exists for this position. An eligible list is a roster of candidates who have
passed a Civil Service Examination for a specific title. For this position, an appointing
authority has the option of hiring from the eligible list or appointing a transfer candidate.
To be eligible to transfer into a position you must be a current Civil Service employee and meet
the following criteria:

  1. Currently holding a permanent position in the same title resulting from an appointmentfrom a Civil Service eligible list.
  2. Having completed a probationary period.
  3. A resident of Clinton County at least thirty (30) days immediately prior to appointment.
  4. Meet the following guidelines of the Civil Service Rules for Clinton County:

Rule XVII – Transfers - Transfer of Eligibility for Permanent Appointment

Upon the written request of an individual and the prospective appointing authority, and subject
to the approval of the Director, any individual serving in a competitive class position as a
permanent appointee may be permanently appointed to another competitive class position
subject to these rules without further competitive examination, provided:

  1. There is no preferred list appropriate for filling the position to which appointment is sought containing the name of an eligible willing to accept appointment, and
  2. b. There is no departmental promotion list for the position to which appointment is sought containing the names of three or more eligibles willing to accept appointment; and
  3. (i.) The Director determines that the examinations’ scope and qualifications for the positions held and to which appointment is sought are identical, or (ii.) When the examinations’ scopes and qualifications are not identical, the New York State Department of Civil Service has determined that the examination for the position held involved or would involve essential tests and qualifications the same as or greater than those of the position to which appointment is sought; and
  4. The Director has determined that such appointment is for the good of the service.