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Local NIMS Implementation

The Federal Department of Homeland Security has established a requirement that every state officially certify that all of its emergency preparedness, response and recovery organizations have implemented the National Incident Management System (NIMS). The purpose of NIMS is to establish a common set of emergency response protocols, procedures and preparedness goals across all agencies. Clinton County must officially certify to the State that it is NIMS compliant by September 15, 2006.

The importance of implementing NIMS is two-fold. Most importantly, NIMS provides a common language and preparedness level that will allow Federal, State and local organizations to assist each other during major response events allowing us to better protect the citizens of Clinton County. Secondly, the Federal Government has deemed NIMS compliance as an eligibility requirement for application and award of funds from scores of Federal Preparedness and Recovery grant programs beginning in 2007.

The following documentation and information regarding NIMS Compliance is being provided to assist County Departments as well as other Emergency Response and Recovery agencies within the Clinton County work towards NIMS compliance thereby assisting the County become NIMS compliant.

Any questions regarding NIMS compliance issues can be directed to the Clinton County NIMS Point of Contact, Eric Day, Director of Emergency Services. HE can be reached at 518-565-4791 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm or via e-mail at

NIMS Compliance Information and Tools
FEMA NIMS Home Page – For the most up to date information regarding NIMS compliance and NRP (National Response Plan) information we strongly urge you to go to FEMA’s NIMS Home Page.
LOCAL AND TRIBAL NIMS INTEGRATION – Homeland Security Guidance document.

ATTACHMENT “B” Training Status Roster – This link will open a Clinton County Emergency Services Attachment “B” Training Status Roster in PDF format or Excel Format that can be filled in by your agency and e-mailed to the Office of Emergency Services. The document should also be saved for future update and forwarding to Emergency Services.

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