Continuous Recruitment Civil Service Exams

CONTINUOUS RECRUITMENT EXAMS are examinations for which we accept applications and filing fees anytime. There is no specified closing date.The scores for these examinations, regardless of exam date, are interfiled with existing candidates’ scores to form a constantly changing eligible list. Salaries for these positions are dependent upon the location. Click Here for Part-time experience calculation chart to determine full-time equivalency.


55-A Applicants

New York State Civil Service Law, Section 55A, and Clinton County Civil Service Rules allow for appointing authorities to consider disabled applicants to be appointed on a non-competitive basis in certain entry-level, competitive-class positions.

Job Openings

 Clinton County is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and is in compliance with A.D.A. requirements.

- 30 Day Clinton County Residency is Required.

- Applications must be forwarded to the Agency with the Vacancy listed below.

- Supporting documentation for minimum qualifications must be attached to your application.

A complete listing of all position descriptions with minimum qualifications can be found by following this link.  Only the positions below have current openings.

About Civil Service

When New York became a state, officials and employees had to be appointed to carry on the functions of the new government. People who had done favors for the party in power were given the jobs. The point was to reward the faithful; nobody paid much attention to whether appointees were qualified. This was the patronage or "spoils" system, and that's the way it went for more than a hundred years.

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