Clinton County Department of Personnel
The County's Civil Service Agency
Kimberly Kinblom, Personnel Director
Clinton County Government Center
137 Margaret Street, Second Floor, Suite 212
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: 518.565.4676 Fax: 518.565.4679

Civil Service Position Descriptions
Account Clerk Typist
Account Clerk
Account Systems Supervisor
Accountant (City)
Accountant (Schools)
Accounting Supervisor, Grade B
Activities Aide
Addiction Services Program Coordinator
Addictions Counselor I
Addictions Counselor II
Administrative Aide
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Services Officer
Administrator - Indigent Defendants
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Driver
Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating and Refrigeration Mechanic
Airport Fire and Safety Coordinator
Airport Firefighter
Airport Maintenance Coordinator
Airport Maintenance Worker I
Airport Maintenance Worker II
Airport Manager
Airport Security Coordinator
Assessment Control Examiner
Assistant Beach Manager
Assistant Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Assistant Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator
Assistant Computer Programmer
Assistant Director of Community Development
Assistant Director of Weights and Measures A
Assistant Educational Coordinator
Assistant Electric Meter Maintainer
Assistant Electrician
Assistant Emergency Services Director
Assistant Finance Manager
Assistant Fire Chief
Assistant Human Resource Director
Assistant Recreation Director
Assistant Superintendent of Public Works
Assistant Superintendent of Recreation
Assistant to Executive Director (Housing Authority)
Assistant Water & Wastewater Superintendent
Audio Visual Repair Technician
Audit Clerk-Typist
Automotive Mechanic Helper
Automotive Mechanic
Beach Manager
Boat Patrol Assistant
Bridge Inspector
Bridge Maintenance Worker
Bridge Repair Mechanic
Bridge Repair Supervisor
Budget Analyst
Building Inspector
Building Maintenance Helper
Building Maintenance Mechanic
Building Maintenance Supervisor
Building Maintenance Worker
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Worker
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Worker-Cleaner
Bus Driver Custodial Worker
Bus Driver
Business Manager (Schools)
Business Manager
Carpenter (Highway)
Case Coordinator (Domestic Violence)
Case Manager for Elderly Services
Case Supervisor, Grade B
Central Services Clerk
Chemical Abuse Clinician
Chemical Abuse Counselor Assistant
Chemical Abuse Rehabilitation Aide
Chief Deputy
Chief Election Inspector (Schools)
Chief Line Worker
Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator
Child Advocacy Center Executive Director
Child Support Specialist
Children's Services Coordinator
Children's Services Program Specialist
City Chamberlain
City Clerk
City Engineer
City Historian
Civil Manager
Cleaner - Messenger
Clerk of the Works
Clinic Aide
Code Enforcement Officer
Commissioner of Social Services
Communications and Publications Coordinator (CVES)
Communications Specialist (CVES)
Community Mental Health Aide
Community Services Aide
Computer Lab Assistant
Computer Programmer
Conservation District Intern
Conservation District Manager
Conservation District Technician
Coordinator of Child Support Enforcement
Coordinator of Jail Health Services
Coordinator of Public Health Education
Coordinator of Services for the Aging
Correction Corporal
Correction Lieutenant
Correction Officer
Correction Sergeant
County Engineering Assistant
County Highway Superintendent
County Historian
County Purchasing Agent
Court Aide
Court Attendant
Court Referral Specialist
Crew Supervisor
Custodial Worker
Dental Hygenist (Schools)
Deputy Airport Manager
Deputy City Chamberlain
Deputy City Clerk
Deputy Commissioner of Social Services
Deputy Highway Superintendent
Deputy Personnel Director
Deputy School District Clerk
Deputy School District Treasurer
Deputy Sheriff Corporal
Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant
Deputy Sheriff Sergeant
Deputy Sheriff
Deputy Transportation Supervisor
Dietary Attendant
Dietetic Service Supervisor
Director Engineer of Environmental Health
Director of Community Development
Director of Community Services
Director of Facilities I
Director of Facilities II
Director of Facilities III
Director of Health Care Services
Director of Health Planning and Promotion
Director of Information Technology
Director of Legal and Social Services
Director of Nursing
Director of Office for the Aging
Director of Planning
Director of Real Property Tax Services
Director of Social Services
Director of Staff and Organizational Development
Director of Veterans Service Agency
Director of Water and Wastewater Utilities
Director Weights & Measures A
District Attorney Special Investigator
Dog Control Officer
Draftsperson II
Economic Development Director
Educational Coordinator
Election Inspector (Schools)
Electric Meter Maintainer
Electric Meter Supervisor
Electric Superintendent
Electrician for MLD
Emergency Communications Dispatcher
Emergency Medical Services Coordinator
Emergency Medical Technician-Driver
Emergency Services Coordinator
Emergency Services Director
Employment and Training Assistant
Employment and Training Counselor
Engineering Aide
Engineering Technician
Environmental Manager
Environmental Services Supervisor
Environmental Services Worker
Equipment and Buildings Mechanic
Family Support Worker
Finance Director (MLD)
Finance Manager
Finance Manager-Deputy Treasurer
Financial Aid Examiner
Fire Captain
Fire Chief
Fire Lieutenant
Food Service Helper
Fraud Specialist
Garage Supervisor
Head Automotive Mechanic
Head Bus Driver
Head Custodian
Head Lifeguard
Head Nurse
Head Social Welfare Examiner
Health Facility Comptroller
Heating and Ventilating Mechanic
Help Desk Technician
Highway Construction Supervisor
Highway Inventory Clerk
Highway Project Technician
Housing Assistance Specialist
Housing Assistance Supervisor
Housing Authority Inspector
Housing Code Inspector
Housing Tenant Relations Coordinator
Human Resource Director
Interpreter for the Deaf
Jail Administrator
Job Placement Aide
Junior Audit Clerk
Junior Bridge Inspector
Junior Electrical Engineer
Junior Personnel Associate
Labor Specialist
Laboratory Technician
Laborer (Airport)
Legislative Assistant to County Administrator
Leisure Time Activities Director
Librarian I
Librarian II
Librarian III
Library Aide Typist
Library Aide
Library Assistant
Library Clerk
Library Director for CEF Library System
Library Director II
Library Director III
Library Page
Library Technician
Licensed Practical Nurse (Schools)
Licensed Practical Nurse
Line Helper
Line Supervisor
Line Worker
Manager of Municipal Lighting Department
Marina Maintenance Worker
Medical Clerk
Medical Clerk-Typist
Mental Health and Addiction Services Coordinator
Mental Health Clinician I
Mental Health Clinician II
Mental Health Clinician III
Messenger-Custodial Worker
Meter Reader
Micro-Computer Coordinator
Micro-Computer Repair Technician
Micro-Computer Specialist
Motor Equipment Operator I
Motor Equipment Operator II
Motor Equipment Operator III
Motor Equipment Operator IV
Motor Equipment Operator Mechanic
Motor Equipment Operator
Motor Vehicle License Clerk
MRF Supervisor
Municipal Bingo Inspector
Municipal Code Inspector
Musical Instrument Repair Technician
Network Administrator
Network and Systems Coordinator
Network and Systems Coordinator (Plattsburgh Housing Authority)
Network and Systems Technician
Network Engineer
Nurse Practitioner (School)
Nurses Aide
Nursing Home Administrator
Nursing Home Social Worker
Nutrition Aide
Nutrition Services Program Coordinator
Occupational Therapist Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Office Manager
Offset Printing Machine Operator
Parking Enforcement Assistant
Parking Enforcement Officer
Patient Agent
Payroll Clerk Cashier
Payroll Clerk
Payroll-Purchasing Clerk
Personnel Director
Physical Therapist Assistant
Physical Therapist
Planning Assistant
Planning Engineering Assistant
Planning Technician
Plant Attendant
Police Captain
Police Chief
Police Corporal
Police Detective
Police Dispatcher
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer (Part-time)
Police Officer
Police Sergeant
Principal Account Clerk (Treasurer office)
Principal Account Clerk Typist
Principal Account Clerk
Principal Account Clerk (City Chamberlain)
Principal Audit Clerk
Principal Clerk Typist
Principal Clerk
Principal Library Clerk
Principal Personnel Associate
Principal Public Health Educator
Principal Public Health Sanitarian
Principal Social Welfare Examiner
Principal Stenographer
Probation Assistant
Probation Director II
Probation Officer Trainee
Probation Officer
Probation Supervisor
Program Assistant
Project Coordinator (WIC)
Project Coordinator
Project Counselor
Project Counselor (WIC)
Promotions and Special Events Coordinator
Public Health Director
Public Health Educator
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse II
Public Health Nutrition Educator
Public Health Nutritionist
Public Health Sanitarian
Public Health Technician
Public Works Maintenance Person
Public Works Maintenance Worker I
Public Works Maintenance Worker II
Public Works Supervisor
Publications Specialist
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Clerk
Quality Coordinator
Real Property Information Analyst
Real Property System Coordinator
Real Property Tax Service Assistant
Recording Clerk
Records Inventory Planning Clerk
Recreation Activity Specialist
Recreation Assistant
Recreation Attendant
Recreation Director (County)
Recreation Director
Recreation Facility Manager
Recreation Fitness Center Supervisor
Recreation Leader
Recreation Maintenance Worker
Recreation Program Coordinator
Recreation Supervisor
Refrigeration Mechanic
Registered Professional Nurse (School)
Registered Professional Nurse
Rehabilitation Coordinator
Rehabilitation Specialist
School Bus Dispatcher
School Bus Monitor
School Business Executive
School Crossing Guard
School District Tax Collector
School Food Service Director 1
School Lunch Cashier
School Lunch Manager
School Monitor
Senior Airport Firefighter
Senior Account Clerk (Treasurers Office)
Senior Account Clerk Typist (Treasurers Office)
Senior Account Clerk Typist
Senior Account Clerk
Senior Assessment Control Examiner
Senior Audit Clerk
Senior Automotive Mechanic
Senior Building Maintenance Worker
Senior Caseworker
Senior Child Support Specialist
Senior Clerk
Senior Clinician
Senior Computer Programmer
Senior Custodial Worker
Senior Emergency Communications Dispatcher
Senior Employment and Training Coordinator
Senior Employment and Training Counselor
Senior Groundskeeper
Senior Library Clerk
Senior Library Page
Senior Motor Vehicle License Clerk
Senior Network Engineer
Senior Payroll-Personnel Associate
Senior Personnel Associate
Senior Photocopy Machine Operator
Senior Planner
Senior Probation Officer
Senior Public Health Educator
Senior Public Health Sanitarian
Senior Public Health Technician
Senior Recording Clerk
Senior Social Services Attorney
Senior Social Welfare Examiner
Senior Staff Nurse
Senior Station Attendant
Senior Stenographer
Senior Tax Clerk Typist
Senior Tax Map Technician
Senior Typist
Senior WIC Nutritionist
Senior WIC Program Aide
Senior WIC Program Aide Typist
Services for the Aging Specialist
Sign Maintenance Supervisor
Social Services Attorney
Social Services Investigator
Social Welfare Examiner
Social Worker I
Social Worker II
Solid Waste Aide
Special Patrol Officer
Speech Language Pathologist
Sports Official
Staff Development Aide
Staff Development Coordinator
Staff Nurse
Station Attendant
Summer Youth Counselor
Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
Superintendent of Buildings and Transportation
Superintendent of Public Works
Superintendent of Recreation
Supervising Advanced Emergency Medical Technician/Driver
Supervising Programmer Analyst
Supervising Public Health Educator
Supervising Public Health Nurse
Supervising Public Health Nutritionist
Swimming Pool Director
Tax Map Technician
Teacher Aide Student Aide
Telephone Operator
Tobacco Control Program Assistant
Town Historian
Town Recreation and Youth Director
Traffic Safety Program Specialist
Traffic Signal Technician
Transfer Station Operator
Transportation Supervisor
Tree Surgeon
Van Driver
Veterans' Counselor
Veterans' Services Aide
Victim Services Advocate
Village Historian
Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor
Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Worker I
Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Worker II
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Water and Wastewater Facilities Mechanic
Water and Wastewater Maintenance Supervisor
Water and Wastewater Maintenance Worker I
Water and Wastewater Maintenance Worker II
Water and Wastewater Superintendent
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Water Maintenance Mechanic
Water Maintenance Worker
Water Meter Maintainer
Water Meter Supervisor
Water Resource Chemist
Water Safety Swimming Instructor
Water Treatment Plant Operator
WIC Nutrition Educator
WIC Nutritionist
WIC Program Coordinator
Work Study Student