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Information About Children's Camps

Children's camps are fun, and it provides a great learning experience. The Clinton County Health Department wants to make sure that children can enjoy themselves at a camp, while being in a healthy and safe environment.

In New York State, summer camps must have a state, city or county health department permit to operate legally. These permits are issued only if the camp is in compliance with the state's health regulations. The permit to operate must be displayed in a conspicuous place on the premises.

The camp must be inspected twice yearly by a Clinton County health Department representative. At least one inspection must be made during the time the camp is in operation. Each camp is checked to make sure that the physical facilities are safe and that supervision is adequate.


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Responsibilities of Local Health Departments

To issue a permit to operate when the required plans and inspection results are satisfactory.

To review and approve the required written camp plans for compliance.

To inspect camps to assure that: (1) all physical facilities are properly operated and maintained; and (2) adequate supervision exists to provide a healthy and safe environment in accordance with the New York State Sanitary Code.

To investigate reports of serious incidents of injury, illness and all allegations of abuse or maltreatment.

Click here for the NYS Injury Report Form (DOH61)

Click here for the NYS Illness Report Form (DOH61)

Click here for the NYS Allegations of Abuse Form (DOH61)

Click here for the NYS Exposure to Rabies Form (DOH61)

When requested, to provide parents or guardians of prospective campers an opportunity to review inspection reports and required plans.

Applying for a Permit to Operate

An application for a permit to operate a children's camp and other required documents must be submitted to the permit-issuing official at your local health department at least 60 days before children and staff are to arrive. A Safety plan must be approved 60 days prior to camp opening. The Clinton County Health Department will help walk you through this application process.

Click here for the Application for Permit to Operate Form

Documentation for Camp Directors

Click here for the NYS Registry Clearance Form (DSS3370)

Click here for the NYS Camp Director's Statement Form (DOH2271)

Click here for the NYS Children's Camp Facility & Staff Description Form (DOH367)

Click here for the NYS Children's Camp Additional Staff Qualification Form (DOH367a)

Click here for the Children Safety Plan Template

Click here for the New York State Children’s Camps Fact Sheet - Acceptable Annual Water Supply Start-up Procedures (Required by Section 7-2.6(d) of Subpart 7-2 of the NYS Sanitary Code)

Click here for the NY Sanitary Code Subpart 7-2

Click here for the NYS Chlorination Water System Operation Report (DOH360CFL)

Click here for the Clinton County UV Water System Operation Report

Click here for the CPR Fact Sheet

Click here for the First Aid Certification document

Click here for the Lifeguard Certification document

Click here for the "Bat Management" poster

Click here for the "Bat Encounters" document

Click here for the "Bunk-Bed Rail" requirements

Click here for the food "temperature guidelines" document

Click here for NYS's information regarding how to report vaccine-preventable diseases to the local health departments, and which vaccines are recommended for both campers and staff.


Information For Parents

Your first responsibility as a parent is to make sure that the particular camp that you are looking at sending your child to, meets the definition of a children's camp and is permitted by Clinton County.

The key to picking the right camp for your child to attend is making sure that the camp fills the needs of your child. Each child has their own specific needs and to match the child with the correct camp is the parent's responsibility.

NY State has developed guidelines for Camp Directors to follow (NY Sanitary Code Subpart 7-2). Each camp are also required to develop a Children's Camp Safety Plan which outlines how the camp will operate when your child is attending, and is under their supervision.

Here is a summary list of public health hazards listed in the NYS Sanitary Code which are considered a condition which would be expected to be responsible for injury, illness or death at a children's camp:
  • Proper staff qualifications
  • Sufficient quantity of water and water system operating in accordance with subpart 5-1
  • Bathing beach waters monitored
  • Proper sewage or garbage disposal and storage
  • Medical safety plan implementation and under supervision of approved and qualified medical director
  • Proper transportation of campers
  • Proper supervision of campers
  • Proper supervision, fencing, depth markings at pools or beaches
  • Proper rifle range, archery or horse back riding supervision and guidelines
  • Proper supervision and adequate sleeping quarters, not to exclude overcrowding issues
  • Proper storage of flammable items, fire safety implementation, ventilation of stove and heat producing equipment, fire exits, firefighting equipment
  • Campers not allowed to swim outside of approved campsite swimming area
  • Minimum safety equipment present at all beaches and pools.
  • Usage of life vests during boating and other water front activities
  • Use of approved "buddy-system" and buddy board
  • Non-permitting of diving in hazardous areas
  • Proper identification and restrictions of non-swimmers (to less than chest deep water)
  • Failure to implement their camp safety plan
  • Any other item protecting a child from being exposed to unreasonable risk

Parents feel free to ask questions of your camp directors to make sure how all these areas of concern of being addressed at their specific camp. An informed parent should be able to make the right choice for their child, therefore, making the child's experience a memorable event in their life.

Click here for a list of Clinton County Overnight and Day Camps

Click here for the brochure "Children's Camps in NY State"

Click here for NYSDOH Children's Camps webpage

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