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How do I get a pistol permit application?
Pick up an application (fee of $15.00) at the Clinton County Clerk’s Office at 137 Margaret St., Plattsburgh, NY. Once completed, the application must be returned to the same location.
Can you mail me an application?
Application can be mailed by request, accompanied by a self addressed stamped 9" x 12" envelope and a $15.00 check or money order for the processing fee.
What are the requirements?
You must reside in Clinton County at least 6 months and be 21 years of age to apply for a license, or if you are an honorably discharged veteran.
How much does it cost?
The fee for the application packet includes the price of your license.
How long does it take to process?
Approximately 6 to 8 months.
For what purpose can I obtain a pistol license?
Target shooting, hunting, fishing, and sporting purposes.
Can I qualify for a pistol permit if I’ve been arrested or convicted of a crime before?
Yes, but you must submit a certified copy of a disposition of the crime.
Must the character references on my application reside in Clinton County?
Yes, your character references must be Clinton County residents, but may not be related by blood or marriage.
For how long is the pistol license valid?

Licenses issued in Clinton County valid until revoked.

Must I be a citizen of the United States to get a pistol license?
When and where can I be fingerprinted?
The instruction sheet provided with the application contains information regarding fingerprinting and the required fee.
When and where can I get my pictures taken?
Pictures can be taken at the Clinton County Clerk’s Office for a fee of $20.00, and must be submitted with your application.
What should I do when I move?
You must report a change of address within 10 days of the move and if you move out of Clinton County you must request your records be transferred to your new county of residence.
What should I do if i wish to buy or sell a pistol?
If you buy a gun from or sell a gun to dealer, just bring the receipt to the County Clerk’s Office where the weapon will be added or deleted and a purchase coupon will be provided for that weapon.
Gun sales to an individual other than immediate family require a NICS check performed by a gun dealer. The buyer must present proof of the NICS check at the time the handgun is registered. You must register the weapon prior to possessing it.
What if one of my pistols is stolen?
If a pistol is stolen it must be reported to both the police and the Clinton County Clerk’s Office. Please bring a copy of the police report for stolen weapons to the County Clerks’s Office
Can I co-own a pistol with another person?
Yes, but can only co-own a pistol with immediate family members. Parents, spouses, children, domestic partners and step-children are considered immediate family.