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Legislative Office:

Calendar for December 2016

Meetings for the week of December 5-9, 2016

  • Monday, December 5th
    • Personnel Committee
      • Time: 5:15 p.m.
      • Place:  Legislative Conference Room
      • Chairperson: Samuel R. Dyer

  • Wednesday, December 14th
    • Human Services Committee
      • Time: 5:15 p.m.
      • Place:  Legislative Conference Room
      • Chairperson: Pete Keenan

    • Public Hearing on 2017 Budget
      • Time: 7:00 p.m.
      • Place:  Legislative Chambers
      • Chairperson: Mark P. Dame

Treasurer's Office Current Significant Dates:

  • August 31, 2016
    • All other school taxes are mailed to taxpayers by local school district collectors.
    • Final date to pay school taxes without interest is determined by local school district.
      • Please read your bill carefully for dates and times of collection.
    • Installment payment of school taxes – 3 installment payments.
      • First payment must be made to local school tax collector by September 30th.
        • U.S. postmark governs date of payment.
      • Second and third payments must be submitted to County Treasurer by October 31st and November 30th.
    • School taxes that remain unpaid as of December 1, 2016 are subject to penalty and interest and will be relevied on the January land tax bills.
  • September/October
    • Delinquent taxes are advertised in the Press Republican and North Countryman newspapers on September 3rd, September 17th, and October 1st (3 non-consecutive weeks).
  • October
    • In Rem foreclosure documents filed with the Court on October 7, 2016.
    • In Rem publication in the Press Republican and North Countryman on October 8th, October 22nd, and November 5th (3 non-consecutive weeks).
    • Certified letters mailed to taxpayers on October 7, 2016 enclosing Notice of Petition advising delinquent taxpayers last day to redeem property prior to foreclosure being January 6, 2017.
    • Letters mailed to all parties of interest who hold mortgages or liens against property listed in Notice of Petition on October 7, 2016.


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